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Brian Cotsen
Brian CotsenSmall Business Web SEO Consultant

Quality SEO to Quality Websites

I’ve been optimising business websites for over ten years, working with clients not only to develop well ranking sites that attract and then convert visitors into action takers, but to work with clients and really understand what their business goals are and how to get the website working harder to achieve them.

Often during the SEO project or coaching process I help clients to develop a better business strategy and discover new markets at which to target their efforts.

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Why choose me as your Web SEO Consultant

I follow a practical approach to any project that I work on, many of my clients, expecting to be confused or overwhelmed by technical details, are surprised at how easy it is to learn and understand the concepts of SEO and website development.

My experience of working in the following industries:

  • Psychotherapy, Counselling and Coaching
  • Event and Catering Management
  • Nutrition and Sports & Fitness
  • Property and Interior Design
  • Television and Media
  • Public Health Organisation Programme delivery

has given me a broad understanding of how these, and similar, service businesses, work which allows me to quickly bring knowledge, ideas and guidance to these and other service businesses.

Understanding your business and its’ goals is a key factor in building the right SEO plan.

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All manner of service businesses
All manner of service businessesSmall Business Web SEO Consultant
Brian Cotsen
Brian CotsenWebsite SEO Consultant and SEO Coaching

Small Business Website SEO Work

Of course you want to work with a consultant who has experience and demonstrable success with real business websites.

I started to develop my SEO approach to business websites back in 2004, my first client was Amanda Falkson, Psychotherapy City, who is still a client today.

I soon took on other small business clients to help them develop their business websites and Search Engine Optimisation.

See ‘Client Success’ for some in-depth case studies of past and current clients.

My Client Focus … the small business owner

I don’t have ‘big name’ clients to showcase, others do. I focus on small business websites, often just one or two people businesses. The names may not be as impressive but their success is.

My approach is to make sure the client ‘stays in control’ and I do all I can to educate and empower my clients to understand what they are doing to achieve SEO success so that they can go forward and do it for themselves in the future.

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