The secret to continually creating great content ideas is about making sure you keep asking yourself

“Is ‘What I am writing, recording, videoing’, worth creating in the first place?”

Do you have a ‘litmus test’ that all content ideas must pass before you post it?

An essential part of your marketing plan is to have a fresh stream of ‘relevant’, ‘fresh’, ‘quality’ content appearing on your website that you can mention on your social pages and in forums.

But in our busy businesses lives it can be tempting to quickly put together something that will ‘do’ for this weeks post.

Whether it’s a blog, podcast, video or infogram, can you ask the following four questions and get the answer Yes for each?

Test Number one: “Why should your reader/viewer care”?

When you are reviewing the possible content ideas on which to base your next post did you ask yourself

“Would I be interested in spending time reading this?”

“Would I find it valuable enough to share with a colleague or discuss with my peers?”

I recently discovered ‘Canva‘ an amazing on line graphic design tool that is both very useful and incredibly beautiful (take a look and you’ll see what i was so impressed by).

I was so impressed that I instantly emailed several friends to share what I’d found.

If your content would get that sort of reaction then it passes the first Litmus Test for content quality.

However if it might only get the ‘So What’ response … think again before you spend more time on this subject or idea.

Test Number Two: “Is anything about your content new?”

Will it surprise, shock, interest amaze, entertain, inform or cause debate?

Today we are all bombarded with information, adverts, news, data … calls on our attention.

If your content idea has a genuine fresh approach, new insights, new examples, new twists on a favourite recipe, new ideas on a city or perhaps new interior designs …

Then you have passed the second Litmus Test for content idea quality.

If your idea is just a rehash of something that has been said or done many times before … have a rethink, find a new angle or drop it and find a fresh idea to spend time on.

Test Number Three: “Will it appeal to a wide sector of my potential audience?”

You may have got a ‘Yes’ from test number one and two but what if only 5% of your potential audience find the content idea appealing … is it worth creating?

Worse still, what if 95% of your audience are offended by the content?

Make sure that the majority of your content ideas will appeal to your widest audience. You want as many people as possible to read, listen or watch as possible and you want them to share it with their followers.

Litmus Test number three – develop content ideas with universal appeal.

If you think your content might have only limited appeal or interest then move on to another idea.

Test Number Four: “Does your content idea have a link to your business goals?”

Ask yourself if once the article, podcast or video has been enjoyed by your audience …

What then?

  • Will it encourage them to move forward in the ‘sales funnel’
  • Will it encourage them to visit your site, or another page on your site?
  • Will they be moved to sign up to your newsletter or download your ebook?
  • Will they want to share this content with others on their own social sites?

You don’t always have to have a sales goal but you should always be thinking

“How will this content move the audience forward to take action and do something?”

If your idea will create content that might persuade the audience to move forward and take some possitive action, even just to read the next article, then it passes Litmus Test number four.

If the audience consumes the article and then leave your site without even book marking your page, then you should think about re writing it to encourage them to take some action before they leave your website.

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Make sure every bit of content you spend time on passes the Content Quality Litmus Test.