Home Page Content? Why you should think like a supermarket

I was wandering down the aisle of my local supermarket and noticed that my favourite brand of marmalade had been relegated to the lower shelf.

Actually not just my favourite brand but all of the marmalade.

Now, on the shelf where marmalade once had pride of place, are the new kids on the block, expensive honeys as well as low sugar fruit spreads, nut butters and the ubiquitous ‘Nutella’.

I notice that Manuka honey sells for 5 times the price of a jar of marmalade!

After I sighed and acknowledged that the popularity of marmalade had waned, as the new habits at breakfast replaced old ones, basically today’s generation don’t eat marmalade, preferring jams, chocolate spreads or skipping toast altogether in favour of bowls or even bars of cereal.

Of course supermarkets are past masters at following consumer trends … if they aren’t starting them in the first place, and respond accordingly.

Nothing gets shelf space if it doesn’t sell. Even if it does sell the pecking order is clearly defined.

Those products that are the most valuable and the most profitable to the supermarket will get a premium position, displayed at eye level giving them maximum exposure and tempting the passing shopper.

So what’s this got to do with my websites home page content?

Once home and, as it happens, sitting with a cup of tea and a slice of toast and marmalade … I admit here that I make my own, so further diminishing the sales at the supermarket … I considered the similarities in the supermarket’s thinking and that of a well crafted website home page.

What’s hot and what’s not?

I’ve been working with a client recently and one task has been to review what services should be prominently showcased on the home page and then have links through to the internal specific sub page.

Ideally a home page leads the visitor to all of your important internal content either to the main pages or to the main sections where your specific pages are located.

However there are often many more potential targets that can reasonably be accommodated on a single home page.

To try and link to all of your important pages would mean that your home page would end up looking more like a directory listings page.

Not at all attractive or effective.

So what do you do?

Start Thinking Like a Supermarket

Of course you offer a number of services but which of them:

  • Makes you the most money or has the highest return on investment?
  • Which of them are the best sellers?
  • Which of them are the service you enjoy doing the most?
  • Which of them are currently in demand or rising in popularity?

By looking hard at your goals you can quickly decide on three to five key services or products that you want to focus on.

Remember if you give it shelf space it should be a seller!

If you focus on those goals then you will put the right content on your home page and get your visitors focusing on those services when they land on your home page … or any of your pages.

Your home page should be your shop front and should promote your most important or valuable services or products, just like the supermarkets do.

One final thought.

If it’s summer it’s Barbeques and Salads.

If it’s winter it’s Soup, Stews and Pies.

Promote what you want but make sure you are also promoting what your customers are looking for.

Happy shelf stacking!