What Price Do You Put On A New Client?
How much will website development cost? Lets have a conversation

How much will the web development work be?

You’re in business, so price matters!

Getting value for money should be your top priority but in web design, you get what you pay for.

We don’t compete on price with budget SEO and Web Design companies.

We compete on effectiveness and value for money.

Where are the prices?

Webtime offer a tailored web service because every website project is unique.

It is only once we have spoken and discussed your needs that I can give you a fair quote.

Having said that I will work within your set budget and will find ways to deliver you quality solutions that benefit your business.

If your budget is tight then we’ll work on prioritising the work that will deliver you the biggest return on your investment.

Once we have agreed the scope of the work and the fee, you won’t be charged a penny more than the quote unless you add to the initial brief, and only then we will renegotiate accordingly.

Does that sound fair?

If it does then why not contact me? I’m friendly and easy to talk to.

Let’s talk about your website

I’ve seen Web Design & Optimisation for £150

There are many services that offer to build you an optimised website for as little as £150, so why would you pay as much as £2000 or more for your website?

Just as you can buy a night in a hotel in London for anything from £50 to £5000, all hotels will provide you with a bed for the night but that may be where the similarities to the services end.

This is also true for Website Design Companies

Website design companies are not all the same.

What you should ask yourself is “Why do I need a website & what functions do I need it to perform?”

If you choose to go with the cheapest option, the website for £150 you will, perhaps, get a website that looks very nice, but don’t you need more than just an attractive design?

£150 doesn’t buy you an in-depth review of your business and your business goals. It doesn’t buy you a plan on how to structure your site. It doesn’t buy you advice on discovering the right keywords and phrases and then writing effective content. It doesn’t buy you advice on developing your local search optimisation to reach your nearest customers.

If you’re not sure what you need to have an effective business website, call me and we can talk about it.

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