SEO for Physiotherapists & Physiotherapy Practice
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SEO for Physiotherapists

SEO for Physiotherapists: Setting you apart from the competition

You don’t need to be told that your potential clients will be looking for Physiotherapists by turning to Google and searching for a ‘Physiotherapist near me’. So, needing to appear high in the search results is a given. However, the ‘online marketing’ game is much tougher now that all your competitors are also vying for the top slots in the search engine results.

SEO for Physiotherapy focusses on developing a clear plan and exploring your ‘Unique Selling Points’ that will differentiate you from the thousands of other options that your clients face, not just other Physiotherapists but also other body therapists, self-help therapy advice and online health care guides, to list just a few.

SEO for Physiotherapists: Local Search Engine Optimisation – connecting with real clients

Society has become used to doing many things in the virtual world, ‘Online Shopping’, ‘Skype Counselling & Health Consultations’ even ‘Online Estate Agents’, however when clients have a physical injury they still need to use the physical services of a Physiotherapist.

How does SEO for Psychotherapists work?

Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and other hands on body therapies rely very much on marketing to the local population near to your private practice. Unlike some services that can operate in the ‘Virtual’ world, your main business relies on being in the same room as your client. SEO for Physiotherapy focuses on ensuring that ‘Local Optimisation’, that is Google knowing that you are local to the client, is one of the main focuses of the project.


Let’s talk about your website’s Search Engine Optimisation
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SEO for Physiotherapy: Your Brand and Expert status

You might imagine that the only thing you have to do is appear high in the search results when someone searches for:

  • Physiotherapist in London (or you own location)
  • Sport Physiotherapy clinic
  • Physiotherapy for shoulder issues

However, those search terms are extremely ‘general’ and, as a result most of your competitors will be targeting those keywords too, which makes it very hard to appear high for them … and actually they are not always the most lucrative keywords to target.

SEO for Physiotherapists: Defining your USPs and Showcasing your Specialty & Niche areas

We all look for the best fit, whether that’s clothes, cars, holidays or houses and it’s no different when a potential client is looking for a Physiotherapist to help them with their pain or injury. Your clients will be searching for:

  • Physiotherapy for rotator cuff injury
  • Achilles tendon Physiotherapy exercises
  • Physiotherapist for knee rehabilitation

Importantly your potential clients need to see a reason to choose your physiotherapy service over those of your competitors. The most effective way is to show your clients that you ‘specialise’ in the ‘issue’ that they have, which helps them decide that you are the Physiotherapist whose services they want to us.

SEO for Psychotherapists: Developing your business goals

My SEO for Psychotherapists method is successful because we go beyond just working on your SEO, so that you appear high for Physiotherapy ‘search terms’, we work on building a successful business model that will attract clients because you are offering ‘exactly’ what they are looking for.

SEO for Physiotherapists: Defining Your Unique Selling Points & Niches

Not every client is looking for the same thing when they search for a ‘Physiotherapy’, some clients have more specific requirements.

  • Post-surgery physiotherapy
  • Paediatric physiotherapy
  • Ante & Postnatal physiotherapy
  • Musculoskeletal physiotherapy
  • Pain management physiotherapy
  • Dry needling physiotherapy

The reasons that people look to use the services of a Physiotherapist are as numerous as the number of Physiotherapists out there … well maybe not quite!

Defining your unique selling points and understanding the areas you like to work with, your ‘niches’, not only sets you apart from your competitors and allows you to appear high in the search results for those ‘niches’ but it also speaks directly with your target audience who can see that you offer exactly what they are looking for.

Physiotherapists SEO & Business Development

SEO for Physiotherapists shouldn’t just be about getting you found in the search engines but also about making sure that you are focusing on your business goals and matching those with the needs of your clients.

Together we explore your specialisms (niche areas) and unique selling points, those that set you apart from your competitors, to develop a website that ‘speaks’ to your future clients and gives them confidence and confirmation that it is your physiotherapy service that they feel confident towards and want to contact to discuss treatment.

Contact me to have a free ‘no obligations’ consultation about SEO for Physiotherapists and tell me what you would like to be achieving in three months’ time.

Let’s talk about your website’s Search Engine Optimisation
London Search Engine Optimisation Services for Small Businesses
Search Engine Optimisation Services for Small Businesses

Capture customer attention during the buying cycle

The way we search and find websites has changed dramatically since ‘Google’ and the like began organising the information on the web, however search is very much alive and vitally important to any business that operates a website.

In fact up to 80% of the time that customers spend in the buying cycle is spent on researching before they make a decision.

You want to be certain that customers have come across you, your goods, your service or brand during that 80% of the buying cycle so that they think of you when they make the decision to buy, book up or make an enquiry.

Let’s talk about your website’s Search Engine Optimisation

Today ranking well for ‘mobile search’ is even more important.

Over 50% of your UK customers are now searching on mobile phones and tablets.

Websites built to be ‘mobile responsive’ (pages that adapt to the screen viewed on) and optimised for ‘local search’ have the edge over those that aren’t.

Is your site search engine friendly, optimised for ‘local search’ and ‘mobile responsive’?

Let’s talk about your website’s Search Engine Optimisation
Contrary to what many people think, Search Engine Optimisation is not about pleasing the search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation is about pleasing your customers by understanding them, speaking to them and answering their needs.

There has been so much written about how to please the search engines with SEO techniques, that many businesses have forgotten what lies behind the process and why search engines give credit to sites that follow good search optimisation.

Search engines work hard to understand your web pages so that they can deliver millions of great answers daily to those browsing for a solution to their needs or questions. Answers in the form of quality, relevant information on your website, blog or video.

Search Engine Optimisation is all about helping those web browsers, your potential customers, find a solution to their problem … your business!

Search Engine Optimisation and indeed Search Marketing is all about focusing on aligning the elements of your website so that those searching for a solution to their needs find you.

The key here is focus!

  • Focus on who your customers are – age, race, gender, social bracket, profession, influences
  • Focus on what they need – not only what they need but what it is about that need that is so important to them
  • Focus on how they put this into words – knowing the words they use helps you to speak to them in a compelling manner
  • Focus on why you are the one who can solve their need – consumers don’t care about you they care about why you can help them
  • Focus on the actions you want them to take when they find your website

This information will enable you to align the elements on your site, resulting in web pages that clearly show your customers, and the search engines, why you can solve their needs.

Yes there are other elements to good Search Engine Optimisation, making sure tags and codes are all correct, adding information to coding that helps the search engines understand the content better, off web site elements like links to your website, mentions on other platforms, etc

But the most important factors are all wthose that make your web pages great for visitors to read.

Amanda Falkson Psychotherapist in London

Brian has been looking after my websites for more than 12 years – he is an essential part of my business.

Brian takes great care of his clients and, as well as being extremely able in his field, he is a lovely person to have involved in my business! I can’t recommend him too highly.

Therapy Website SEO Client Kate McGeever

Webtime takes the stress of managing a website away.

The work that they have done has kept the website high up in the search results and, as a result, has provided a stream of enquiries from therapy clients and therapists over the last four years.

One of the best things about working with Brian is that he makes things easy.

Therapy Site SEO Services Client

Brian’s broad knowledge and experience means he can understand clients’ business needs as well as website design and development issues.

I am now appearing high in the search engines for vital keywords like ‘Executive Coaching in Manchester,’ ‘Pesso Boyden Manchester’ and ‘Personal Development Therapy in Manchester.’

Webtime even created helpful ‘How to’ guides that gave me the confidence to start to manage my own site.

If you’ve had a disappointing or poor experience with a web developer in the past, you won’t with Brian. He really does care.

One to One SEO Coaching for Therapy Sites
I highly recommend Brian. I am not a technophile and he makes it easy to understand. He is thorough, genuine and knowledgeable. I attended his workshop where I’ve learnt how to make my website seen. Thank you Brian for your expertise! It was a pleasure to work with you.
Nathalie Roth, Nurse Your Tree
Small Business SEO Coaching London Photographer Henrietta Garden
I really can’t recommend Brian highly enough. Having hit a wall with trying to get my web-site up the SEO rankings he’s turned it all around for me whilst teaching me exactly how to work it all myself. He’s clear, enthusiastic and has completely inspired me to now take my business up to the next level. Thanks so much Brian!

We are receiving high quality enquires

I would highly recommend Brian Cotsen. His in depth and holistic web building service has worked!

I have to say at the beginning I was slightly dubious that the SEO of a website could really result in new orders and, to my delight and surprise, it has. We are receiving high quality enquires and last week we succeeded in converting an enquiry into a contract which will more than cover the cost of the investment.

Brian took the time and care to really understand my business, and guided me through a rigorous process in terms of the content and presentation of the website. I very much appreciated his patience, challenge and support.

He leaves no stone or mega bite unturned!