I spent a good couple of hours trying to solve an issue with setting up a gmail alias for my new webmail email name.

Read on if you are having this problem and if you want to find a solution that won’t cost you a penny.

Setting up a Gmail Alias

If, like me, you use your gmail account to manage all of your email accounts in one handy place, then you may have hit upon an issue when trying to set up a new pop3 email account.

I had this issue just the other day.

Now I have 4 or so pop3 emails already sucked into my gmail account and all work fine so initially I thought I was doing something wrong, yes even Web Consultants struggle from time to time.

I resorted to calling my email hosts, Names.co.uk who explained that I would have to buy an ‘authenticated smtp licence’ to be able to send and receive from my gmail account.

At around £20 per licence per year that’s a lot of money if you have 4 or 5 different email addresses you want to pull into your gmail account.

I dug a little further and found the reason for the issue

Google used to allow you to use their SMTP.gmail.com certificate to send emails in your pop3 name but have more recently switched this option off.

Yes you can still suck in emails from other pop3 email accounts but it looked like, without paying for the ‘Authenticated SMTP’ licence you could no longer set up your gmail to send from your pop3 email name.

This is a pain because it is important to send out a consistent message to clients and ensure that they use the right channel of communication back to you.

Setting up a Gmail alias – no SMTP.gmail.hosts – the solution

Then I came across a great article by Ellis Benus, small business web guru, who showed us all a workaround … that really does work.

So first, thanks Ellis for helping me and I imagin thousands of others out.

Ellis wrote the article back in October 2014 so some visuals have changed slightly in the section where Ellis explains Generating a Google Application Specific Password

But the process really does work and I am now able send from my gmail account using my new pop3 email name.

Let me know how you get on.