Are you suffering from schedule task errors for example finding that your scheduled posts aren’t appearing or that your scheduled back-ups aren’t taking place?

If, like me, you’re busy and want to set up some jobs to run automatically then you might well have set up your back-ups to run at a certain time each week or month.

Or perhaps you put some time aside to write a series of posts that you then want to publish at specific times over the next week or so.

Scheduling tasks to happen at a set time is extremely useful and WordPress make it easy to do.

The Problem – Schedule Task Errors on WordPress mean the posts or back-ups don’t publish or run as you want

Did you get a schedule task errors message saying ‘Missed Schedule’?

Have you seen an error on your back-up screen saying ‘your wp-cron.php is returning a 204 response’

A solution you might try

There are lots of possible reasons that this error may occur and there are a number of solutions, some quite complicated.

I had a similar issue and did spend some time trying to resolve it.

In the end the solution was fairly simple, not perfect, but it does a good enough job for small to medium sized websites.

A word of warning

To carry out this solution you will be making a change to the wp-config.php file on your server.

Making changes to any of the files on the server could, if you make a mistake, cause issues with the site.

So before you follow the simple solution below MAKE A FULL BACKUP of your WordPress site or at least of the wp-config.php file.

This way you can restore the wp-config.php file to it’s correct state if needed.

Here’s what to do to solve the problem

  1. Log into the control panel of your hosting account for your website. This might be called the ‘CPanel’
  2. Navigate to the folder that holds your websites files. It might look something like the image below.image of typical server files
  3. Open the ‘web’ folder to view all of the files and folders that make your website. It may look a little like the image below.view of web files on server
  4. Open the ‘wp-config.php’ file. You will see the file content which will appear something like the image below.config file code
  5. Now immediately below the very firstĀ <?php insert the code seen on the next line EXACTLY as typed in-between the parenthesis (‘…..’) but do not include the ‘
    ‘define(‘ALTERNATE_WP_CRON’, true );’

    Your file code will now look something like this.wp-config file with new code
  6. Now save the file and you are done.