Therapy Website SEO Success Stories
Therapy Website Search Engine Optimisation.

Therapy Website SEO Success Stories

It’s not what we say but what we do that counts

Therapy Website SEO Barnsbury Therapy Rooms

The ‘Fully Managed’ Therapy Website client

Barnsbury Therapy Rooms is a therapy website promoting the business of my client, Kate McGeever.

The therapy website supports Kate’s business, the provision of quality therapy rooms from which therapists run their Psychotherapy and Counselling practices.

The site showcases the therapy rooms and is the sole marketing tool used by Kate to promote the space to therapists who are looking to hire rooms.

The site was developed in 2011 but Kate realised she needed to develop the therapy website SEO, to promote the therapy rooms and build her business and so, at the end of 2011, Kate contacted Webtime to help her.

What Webtime did

Webtime developed a therapy website SEO strategy to both generate enquiries and bookings from psychotherapists and counsellors, looking for therapy space as well as to generate enquiries and bookings from the public for therapy services.

The image below (click to see it fully enlarged) shows how the numbers of potential clients visiting the site has grown since the beginning of 2012.


The average monthly visits to this small business website is over 1000 per month, that’s 1000 people looking for therapy services or therapy space.

Thanks to our therapy website SEO strategy, Barnsbury Therapy Rooms is fully booked with a healthy waiting list of therapist who would like to start running their practice there.

The therapists, who are lucky enough to have space are fully booked due to the continuous stream of enquiries that the website attracts due to its well optimised pages.

Search terms that we targeted and that are highly competed for in London are:

  • Psychotherapists in North London
  • Therapy Rooms to hire in North London
  • Therapists in North London
  • Therapy space to rent in Islington

To list just a few.

The site has developed from a static site to a fully mobile responsive site however the overall look and feel has remained consistent.

Webtime fully manage the website making any necessary alterations or additions, managing backups and security and continuing to improve and update the sites content to maintain search engine optimisation and local optimisation.

Let’s talk about your therapy website SEO
Therapy Website SEO Client Kate McGeever
Webtime takes the stress of managing a website away.

The work that they have done has kept the website high up in the search results and, as a result, has provided a stream of enquiries from therapy clients and therapists over the last four years.

One of the best things about working with Brian is that he makes things easy.

If you need a business website but hate the idea of having to manage it yourself and worry about who to trust to do the work, that needs to be done to get real results, then Webtime are the answer.

Brian is a joy to deal with, he’s efficient, responsive and very good at detail.

As a technophobe I honestly couldn’t have managed without him. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

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Amanda Falkson Psychotherapist in the City of London
Amanda Falkson Psychotherapist in London
Brian has been looking after my websites for more than 12 years – he is an essential part of my business.

I know that some small business owners have no idea how their websites work or what their web developer does for them as I have colleagues who say they have no control over their websites.

Once he had developed my websites, Brian took pains to teach me how to make changes to them myself. I am not a natural with things webby, so it takes someone who can impart their knowledge well in order for me to understand what I’m supposed to do! Brian is also very clear about his fees and does exactly what he says he will do when he says he will do it.

Being engrossed in my own profession, I don’t keep abreast of new web innovations so I am reliant on Brian to advise me when I need to review my websites. An example of this is when mobile responsive design became essential for businesses. Brian sent me some examples of websites that had been designed for mobile devices so that I could view them on my tablet and phone to give me an idea of what I would need to consider. I am very grateful for this kind of support as it takes the strain off me knowing that this area of my business is taken care of.

Brian takes great care of his clients and, as well as being extremely able in his field, he is a lovely person to have involved in my business! I can’t recommend him too highly.

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The ‘Self-Management’ Therapy Website Client is the therapy website for Amanda Falkson, Psychotherapist and Counsellor in the City of London.

Webtime developed the first of Amanda’s three therapy websites, back in 2004.

Over the last 12 years the internet landscape has changed and matured and so have Amanda’s websites.

Although essentially self-maintained, Amanda has continued to employ Webtime to carry out therapy website SEO as well as major overhaul and changes to her therapy websites such as complete refresh and redesigns, moving to a mobile friendly platform and updating essential elements that were out of date, such as new security or contact forms.

Amanda, like Barnsbury Therapy Rooms, derives 100% of her client enquiries through her website.

Some of the highly competitive search terms that Amanda has success with are:

  • Psychotherapists in the city of London – not just on the first page but on the map at the top of it
  • Anger Management Counselling in London
  • Bereavement counselling London
  • Stress Management Counselling London

And many other issues that people search for therapy or counselling

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Therapy Website Search Engine Optimisation services for Psychotherapycity

The ‘My Website Isn’t Showing In The Search Engines’ SEO client

Sally Potter, Executive Coach and Counsellor in Manchester, had already had her new website developed and built back in early 2015.

Unfortunately, the website had not been built with a responsive platform and no keyword research had been done, Sally didn’t know to ask and the web designer didn’t make it their job to advise.

Consequently, the website was not showing in the search engines for any search terms that Sally wished to be found for.

Sally and Brian discussed what the main business goals were for her Executive Coaching and Counselling practice. Webtime then developed a more targeted keyword strategy around which more focused web pages were then written.

This therapy website SEO work would both improve the website’s position in the search results and also attract relevant and interested clients

Webtime rebuilt the website on a WordPress mobile platform with improved security and easier self maintenance, but maintained the look and feel of the original design.

The work began in the first weeks of January 2016 and by early March the website was appearing in the number one position in the search results for targeted and competitive Keywords such as

  • Executive Coaching in Manchester
  • Manchester Executive Coach
  • Personal Development Therapy Groups Manchester
  • Pesso Boyden Therapy in Manchester
Let’s talk about your therapy website SEO
Search Engine Optimisation for Counselling Website Consult Sally Potter


Therapy Website SEO Service for Sally Potter Executive Coach
Therapy Site SEO Services Client
For years I put off developing a professional website! I had no idea where to start, and when I did begin the process of developing my new website with my previous web developer, I found it frustrating and confusing.

So many issues came up which that developer couldn’t help me with. Some were business-related – was I happy with my existing business focus? Which aspects of my business was I keen to develop? In which strands of my business did I already have the right number of clients? Others were design-related – why couldn’t my existing web developer translate straightforward ideas into a ‘look’ that reflected my brand? Why did the website not look good on all devices? Why was it so hard to communicate with the web developer? And why weren’t clients finding me in the search results?

I needed help with a straightforward project going wrong – and not surprisingly I wasn’t looking forward to starting all over again.

Brian came highly recommended. Rightly so – he is that rare technical expert who can actually talk to people as well! This means he can work with his clients to help them to understand what they need to about the process of web development and search engine optimisation. His sense of the necessary structure, purpose and order made it clear to me what needed to be done and why, in terms of creating the website and helping clients to find me.

Brian’s broad knowledge and experience means he can understand clients’ business needs as well as website design and development issues. And his deep expertise makes him a truly safe pair of hands for my business. He is essentially practical – Webtime even created helpful ‘How to’ guides that gave me the confidence to start to manage my own site.

Most importantly, I am now appearing high in the search engines for vital keywords like ‘Executive Coaching in Manchester,’ ‘Pesso Boyden Manchester’ and ‘Personal Development Therapy in Manchester.’

If you’ve had a disappointing or poor experience with a web developer in the past, you won’t with Brian. He really does care.

Sally Potter - Executive Coaching in Manchester, Sally Potter Executive Coaching

Therapy Website SEO Success Stories