The Webtime Working Process
Wondering how we will work together? It all starts with a conversation

Working With a Web Consultant

Wondering how it all works?

It’s a bit of a cliché however every website project that I work with is unique.

In small but significant ways all companies vary how they approach almost every area of their business. From the words they use, to describe their services, to the amount of time they have to give to their website, to the skills that they may have to bring to the project.

That’s why I approach each project with a fresh pair of eyes and follow an holistic/open approach and not a standard formula.

Let’s talk about your website
Brian Cotsen Small Business Web Consultant and SEO with Client

That said, all projects will start with a conversation and then, if we decide to work together, will follow the five stages:

We will meet or talk over the phone and discuss what sort of help you need.

This will help us to find out more and to know that we are right to work together. I need to ask questions and find out more about your business, your goals and what you are looking for help with.

You need to feel confident that I am the right person to assist you and your business. You will want to ask questions, “How much?”, “How long?”, “What work?”, “Likely results?”.

It is vital, before moving forward, that this ‘Introduction’ happens.

All the work we do will be based on facts.

We meet to discuss in detail and clarify areas such as:

  • The nature of your business – what you offer, unique selling points, your competitors
  • The profile of your potential clients
  • The needs of your potential clients and specifically what they might be looking for on-line
  • The goals you have for your business and your website, currently and in the future
  • The work you have already carried out, and the results you achieved/ conclusions you drew
  • The skills that you enjoy and can use for the project – writing, blogging, creating videos etc
  • The tasks that you don’t enjoy or don’t feel able to achieve – writing, social and forums
  • Any time frames and important deadlines
  • The time that you can commit to the project
  • Your budget and necessary return on investment (RoI)

There will be many other details that we will discover during our meeting.

I will then take this information and review the website to gain a further understanding of the current position, both looking at your website and those of your competitors and the market in general.

I will review work that will need to be undertaken, areas to focus on, ideas for campaigns, likely time-frames and costs.

From this information I will write a full report that will cover each area, explaining any issues found and why they are issues. Potential resolutions and the work that needs to be done. Outlining the campaigns and how they can be developed and executed within the business schedule.

I will also suggest the areas of work that, if you desire, can be carried out by yourself or a third party.

The report is normally completed within 10 to 14 days of our in-depth meeting.

We will then schedule a further meeting to review the report and discuss the proposed work and time-frames.

Finally I will prepare an estimate, based on the results of the report and the second meeting and give you a clearer indication of the costs of the project and the likely time-frame for completion.

This will be the most intense period of work that will focus on change and development.

Following through the agreed actions covered in the report and follow-up meeting we begin to carry out the necessary work, which may include but is not limited to:

  • Search Engine Optimisation of the site
  • Website design and structure
  • Website usability and optimisation
  • Review of the current text and copy
  • New content creation
  • Images and branding
  • Social media marketing
  • Profile creation on foundation sites like ‘Facebook’, ‘LinkedIn’, ‘Google+’, ‘Pinterest’, ‘Flicker’
  • Setting up analytics and monitoring services

This period will require more of your time and commitment than any other in the project.

Not only will you be learning new skills and getting to grips with new campaigns but you will also need to spend time:

  • Reviewing the goals and focusing on keywords
  • Writing copy
  • Completing profiles
  • Reviewing the changes and monitoring some of the work

This period will typically take around three months and so it is important to consider whether you can spare the time necessary for you to put in, when making the decision of when to start the work on your website.

Once the work, that has been outlined in the report, has been completed it will be time to review and refine the ongoing work.

The work carried out on search engine optimisation (SEO), content creation and local search marketing all take time to show results and so this review takes place about three months into the project.

We will look for signs that indicate that the various campaigns are having a positive effect on:

  • Increase in visitor numbers to the site
  • Increase in awareness of the business or brand – on social media sites
  • Increase in time spent on the site
  • Increase in mentions of the brand on the internet
  • Increase in action taken once visitors land on the site – sales, sign-ups, enquiries etc

This reviewing will also look for indications on what is working on which site.

  • Is one social platform more active than others for your campaign?
  • Do referrals come from any specific social platform and if so do we know why?
  • Do all referrals act the same way? We will look to see if referrals from social site A convert to sales while those from site B only view but don’t take action

These facts will be the basis on which the social, local and content campaigns will be built on for the future.

In theory you never come to the end of optimising or marketing your website. For as long as the website exists, as a tool for your business, there will be optimising and marketing work to do.

In practice the work that we agree on following the initial report, will come to an end.

My involvement in the project will either change, to assist you more on a maintenance basis or to complete other projects or you may decide that our work together is complete.

Throughout the course of our work together I will be showing you how to manage the process of content and search marketing yourself.

My working style is always to teach my clients to become self sufficient in the necessary everyday areas of managing their online marketing.

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