How To Write An SEO Page Title – That really appeals to readers

When coaching my website clients on how to write an SEO page title that supports good quality, effective and focused page content, there is one rule that I use for ALL sites, big or small.

Tell the story in the headline and the first paragraph.

Freddie Starr Ate My Hampster

Come on be honest, even if you are too young to remember this classic ‘Sun’ headline, you can’t fail to:

  1. Have a reaction to the headline – Shock, Curiosity, Amusement
  2. Want to know more

You didn’t need to read the next 500 words … the story was all there.

  • The Villan: Freddie Starr
  • The Action: Ate
  • The Victim: Hampster
  • The Complainant: Me

The scene is set and what then follows are the details.

Follow the old marketing rule

‘Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them”!

All too often web pages open with a preamble or whaffle … setting up the scene like a stand up comedian spending 10 minutes setting up the punchline of a joke.

Your visitors, like you, are in a hurry.

You have just a few seconds to get their attention and convince them that the page is worth reading.

Search Engines, who you are aiming to please as well, will often only read the first heading and paragraph then simply jump to the base of the page or follow the next link they find to another page or to another site.

Now do you see just how important the first paragraph is?

Key points on how to write an SEO page title:

  • Get you keyword phrase in, preferably at the beginning of the page title / heading
  • Use the keyword, or a close approximation of the keyword, in the first paragraph, again preferably at the beginning of the paragraph.
  • Try and tell the whole story in the title or in the title and the first paragraph using supporting words to emphasise the focus and intent of the page

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